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Family Event

May 21, Dusk



Come early and enjoy the playground

or just visiting with friends.

Bring a snack to share.

Invite Family and friends

to join you.

Family Fun Night

June 6, 5 pm

* Potluck Dinner

* Play Ground

* FREE Drawing Lessons


   If you have any badmitton raquettes or birdies

   please bring them with you. We would like to

   build up a good supply.

Casual Sunday

June 20, 10:45 am

*Refreshments - 10:45 am

*11am - Service

   -  A very special service geared to those

       not use to going to church.

    - Join us for this special time

*11:30 - Informal Visiting

We do encourage all to wear a mask.

Special precautions are in place.

We look forward to seeing you.